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Our comprehensive database of golf statistics and tournament results provide you with everything you need to make winning PGA lineups every week. With the Weekly Cheatsheet, you can significantly cut down on your research time - it really is the only resource you need.

PGA DFS research is fairly straightforward in the sense that we have a small number of key factors to consider each week. These factors are all included in the cheatsheet and are discussed briefly below:

Key Stats

Every course sets up differently and therefore requires different skills for a player to contend. Using the Course Trends tool we can quickly see which types of players have excelled at this course in the past and select a handful of the strongest statistics to use as our guide for the week. Strokes gained tee to green, and strokes gained putting tend to be two of the most predictive stats to use. Birdie percentage is also a good one to use due to the scoring system on DraftKings.

Recent Form

A player's recent form may be the most important factor to weigh each week. Golf is very much a mental game, so when a player performs well he tends to continue to play well. Conversely, we generally try to avoid guys who are struggling until they can get back on track. The weekly cheatsheet includes the past 8 weeks of finishes from 3 tours (PGA, European, and so we can quickly get a full picture of the entire field's current form.

Course History

Most weeks we have several years of course history to look back on to see who has excelled and who has struggled at the current course. There are weeks where an event is being played at a new course, or the event itself is new, so we don't have this data. In this situation we try to find similar courses that fit the same profile and include those courses instead.

Other Factors

There are a few other pieces of data we can use to help select our players. One is the vegas odds a player has to win the tournament. When these odds are compared to the Draftkings salary for a player, we can find where the salary disagrees with the odds and a player is either over or under valued. We import aggregate odds from and display the average odds for each player on the weekly cheatsheet.

Weather can also be a big factor. If we know that bad wind or rain will affect play in the first two rounds, we can try to target players in either the morning or the afternoon tee groups. Round 1 tee times and a link to the local weather forecast are both included on the cheatsheet as well.

There are always additional factors to consider of course, such as local course knowledge (many of the guys live or train at some of the event courses), injury status, and any other issues that may be affecting a player. These bits of information are included when relevant in the player notes on the cheatsheet.

If you consider all the pieces of data described above, you'll be well on your way to building winning lineups and enjoying the best sweat DFS has to offer. Good luck!

GOLF Database

A few stats about our GOLF database:

  • 552 PGA Tour events (Every event since 2006)
  • 289 European Tour events
  • 58 Tour events
  • 899 total events
  • 2611 total players
  • 110137 total GOLF scorecards


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