NHL Strategy

We offer several tools to help with your daily NHL research process.

Daily Breakdowns

The daily breakdowns are intended to provide as much actionable information about each matchup as possible in one place. These breakdowns are posted every morning and include the following information:

  • Line and power play combinations for each matchup, with our easy to use targeting system in place for each player grouping.
  • Links to view confirmed starting goalies from 3 sources
  • Vegas lines and totals
  • Team records (overall, home/road, last 5, last 10)
  • Teams playing on back to back nights
  • Scores from the 5 most recent games for each team, with links to view TOI breakdowns from Fantasy 911
  • Calculated matchup stats (based on score-adjusted, even strength stats imported from Puckalytics)
  • Advanced stats comparison for each matchup including GA60, GF60, GF% and several more. Head over to the Puckalytics Glossary page for the full definitions.

Ready to start your research? Check out today's NHL Breakdown!

Matchups Summary

The matchups summary page combines all of the calculated matchup and team stats from the daily breakdowns into two sortable tables for quick reference. These summaries help to quickly identify the teams with the highest goal and shot projections of the day.

Click here to view the summary for today.

DraftKings Ownership Analysis

Full ownership reports will be posted daily for a selection of DraftKings contests. These reports include ownership data for all players, full stack reports and utility position usage. You can also view full exposure summaries by entry name to learn how the pros construct their rosters.

Additional Resources

The best advice I can give to any fantasy hockey player is to read the Daily Ramblings from Dobberhockey every single day. Dobber has a panel of excellent writers who cover all fantasy-relevant hockey news every day. It's not really DFS focused analysis, but that's fine. The more you know about teams and player usage, the better off you'll be as a DFS player. The writers are all worth following on Twitter as well: @DobberHockey, @SlimCliffy, @naparker77, @SteveLaidlaw, and @ian_gooding

All of those twitter accounts and more can be found in the DFS-NHL Twitter list embedded on the right.

If you're new to fantasy hockey, Rotoworld has some good basic strategy articles:

What about you? Any good NHL tips or resources that you think should be listed here or included in the matchup breakdowns? Let me know on the Contact Us page.


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