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FanDuel Golf Updates

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Posted: Mar 21, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

FanDuel golf is now live and we've just rolled out some huge upgrades to our premium golf product here at TFF.

The Lineup Generator can now generate lineups in the FanDuel format (4 golfers for Rds 1 and 2, 4 golfers for Rds 3 and 4). You can create up to 150 lineups at once with the generator, and can choose to sort your golfers so the more expensive players are in the 3/4 slots. You can also use the manual builder to create lineups manually, or edit the generated lineups before exporting your CSV file.

The second big update involves the Entries Manager. FanDuel has FINALLY added a CSV Edit function to their "Upcoming Entries" screen, and we've updated our tools to take advantage of this new functionality. Just download your entries file from FanDuel and load it into the TFF Entries Manager to check your exposure and make any necessary edits. You can even use the Mass Export Tool to overwrite all entries in a specific contest with new lineups.

Premium members have access to these tools right now for the Puerto Rico Open. We'll have a full tutorial with screenshots posted in the Strategy Center later today. 



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