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Posted: Mar 06, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

We're still not quite sure when, but FanDuel will soon be opening up PGA contests to all users. In preparation for that, we've gone ahead and applied the FanDuel scoring system to every golf event in our database, including Euro and Web events. The FanDuel setup is very different than what we're used to - you'll be required to select one set of golfers for the first two rounds, and a different set of golfers for the final two rounds. Because of this, we've broken down the scoring archives into Total, H1 and H2 scores.

And yes, we've also calculated FDPG for all events, broken down into Total, H1 and H2 results. FDPG stands for FanDuel Points Gained, and shows how the player performed against the field average. (Exactly the same as our innovative DKPG stats)

You can find these FDPG stats in several places across the site:

1. Key Stats on the Weekly Cheatsheet - select from FDPG-ALL, FDPG-H1 and FDPG-H2.

2. "FanDuel Scoring" view on the Weekly Cheatsheet.

3. Fantasy tab on the Player Detail page - you can now choose DraftKings or FanDuel.


4. Player stats page - the raw data.

Having access to this data should give TFF users a huge edge on the field once the new contests are finally rolled out to the public. Until that time, we can dig through the data and start to build a strategy on the optimal way to construct a FanDuel lineup. Good luck! 



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