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Error uploading Entries file at DraftKings

Category: FAQ
Tags: DraftKings, Entries Manager

Posted: Mar 14, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko


When uploading your revised Entries file from TFF on the Edit Entries page at DraftKings, you may encounter an error message like this:


This error can sometimes occur when uploading an entry that was built at TFF to a reserved entry on DK. It does not happen all the time, and has been fixed in the past, but does tend to reoccur every now and then.


The easiest way to fix this problem is as follows:

1. Create a dummy lineup on the DK Create Lineups page.

2. Export that lineup to all reserved entries.

3. Return to the Edit Entries page and attempt to upload the entries file from TFF again.

That should solve the problem - if not please use the contact us page to let us know.

NFL Lineup Generator FAQ

Category: FAQ
Tags: NFL, Lineup Generator, DraftKings, FanDuel

Posted: Sep 19, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

Here are some common issues and possible solutions if you are having trouble generating NFL lineups...

Average salary per player is too high.

Keep an eye on the running totals section as you set your player exposure each week. If the average per player is too high, that number will be displayed in red and the generator will not be able to build valid lineups. Try to adjust your exposures down for higher-priced players, and up for the lower-priced guys. On DraftKings, the average per player should be $5,556 or below, and for FanDuel the average should be $6,667 or below.

Also please note that when you sign up each week, the TFF default player targets will be included as your targets, but the exposure percentages on the lineup generator are not necessarily balanced and will need to be adjusted.

Stack issues.

If you are requesting stacks such as a QB/WR pair from the generator, pay extra attention to your player allocations. If you have Cam Newton set at 50% across 100 lineups, but only one WR from Carolina targeted and set at say, 20%, the generator will not be able to build 50 Cam lineups because it will run out of stacking options.

This can get especially tricky if you have a large list of QBs targeted, as it can be tough to accurately spread out each pair of teammates. One suggestion is to focus on one stack at a time - lock in your QB/WR pair at 100% and build a set of lineups. Then lock in those lineups with the colored target icons, raise your lineup number request and generate another set using another QB/WR pair.

NFL Ownership posting times

Category: FAQ
Tags: DraftKings, NFL, Ownership

Posted: Sep 13, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

Now that week 1 has come and gone, we have a better idea of how long the NFL ownership reports take to process, so here's a tentative schedule of posting times.

Thursday Night Football
A select sample of smaller field contests will be loaded after TNF kicks off. Look for this data around halftime.

Sunday 1 PM
The same selection of contests that were loaded on Thursday will be reset and loaded with 1 PM rosters. During the reset process the ownership pages may appear blank, check back after halftime to see the new data.

Sunday 4:30 PM
After the afternoon games have started, all contests on the Sunday-Only slate will be loaded, giving you a chance to view late swap data before SNF begins. This data will take awhile to load and may not be available until after the afternoon games have ended.

Sunday Night
All contests will be reset and re-loaded. The Sunday-Only slates will be final, and the contests that include the Monday game will be ready for late swap analysis. This data may not be available until Monday morning.

Monday Night
All contests that include the MNF game will be reset and re-loaded.

Please note that the reset and reload process can take awhile, especially for the larger contests. Please be patient and come back to the reports later if the reports are blank when you load them.

I reset my password but still cannot log in

Category: FAQ
Tags: Premium Access

Posted: Aug 16, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

If you are having trouble logging in, please try the Login Help page. On this page you can submit a password reset request if you have forgotten your password.

This new, temporary password will be emailed to you. If you haven't received this email please check your junk mail or spam folders as it often ends up there due to different email filters.

If you do have the email, but the temporary password does not allow you to log in - please try typing the new password in manually. Many times if you copy/paste the password it will include a blank space at the end of the string. This blank space can cause the login verification to fail.

Also be sure that you are using the most recent version of the reset password. If you have clicked the reset button multiple times, you may have several different emails that will all contain a different password. Only the most recent one will be active.

If all else fails, please use the Contact Us page and include your username that you are trying to log in with.

Why aren't my GOLF targets saving?

Category: FAQ
Tags: Cheatsheet, GOLF, EURO, PGA

Posted: Aug 03, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

Your targets are actually saved in the background every time one of the target icons is clicked.

The confusion here is with the cheatsheet itself. For GOLF, due to the huge amount of custom data that can be included, the cheatsheet is saved as a static file on our server. That way, every time you load the page, your cheatsheet will load much faster than if it had to rebuild the entire table. The caveat to this method is that the cheatsheet must be manually refreshed to include any changes to data. This data includes your player targets, as well as ownership projections, tee times, odds and line movement.

After you have finished making any changes to your player targets, or if any other data has been updated, remember that you must click the "Generate New Cheatsheet" button. This process may take 5-10 seconds and will produce a fully updated cheatsheet. Please also note that a new cheatsheet is automatically generated every time you recalculate your custom rankings for the week. (This is done on the Custom Settings page.)

This post does not apply to the NFL or NAS cheatsheets, as they are loaded direct from the database every time the page loads.

I get an error uploading my file at DraftKings

Category: FAQ
Tags: DraftKings, Entries Manager, Lineup Generator

Posted: Aug 03, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

Pay close attention to the file names. "Lineups" and "Entries" use different files and different pages for the upload.

After you have built lineups using the TFF Lineup Generator, you can click the CSV button to export your lineups. This file will be named "TFF-PGA-Lineups-TournamentName.csv" and will include only the player IDs for each of the lineups that you created. This file should not be edited in any way. To upload the lineups file, go to the My Lineups page at DraftKings and click the "Upload Lineups" button. Then click the Upload CSV button and select your lineups file.

If you have entered contests at DraftKings, you can export all of your entries by going to the My Lineups page and clicking the "Edit Entries" button. After you select the slate, DraftKings will generate a file named DKEntries.csv for you. Save this file, and then upload the file on the Entries Manager page at TFF to begin editing your entries.

After you have finished editing your entries, click the link to generate a new CSV file. This file will be named "TFF-PGA-Entries-TournamentName.csv" and just like the lineups file, it should not be edited in any way. After you have generated the file, return to the Edit Entries page at DraftKings and upload your file.

I paid but still cannot access the Premium tools

Category: FAQ
Tags: Premium Access

Posted: Aug 01, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

Premium access is unlocked on the Weekly Cheatsheet for all sports. If your payment was submitted successfully, you will have a "Redeem" button available on the cheatsheet. Click that and you should be all set.

If you have any issues with payments, please use the Contact Us page.

My cheatsheet columns aren't lining up correctly

Category: FAQ
Tags: Cheatsheet, GOLF, NAS, NFL

Posted: Aug 01, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

The cheatsheets for all sports use a plugin that can have some display issues with certain versions of Internet Explorer. For best performance, we recommend using either Chrome or Firefox as your browser.



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