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Fantasy Labs acquires TFF

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Posted: May 15, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

FantasyLabs has agreed to acquire The Fantasy Fanatics, and I will be joining the Labs team as a full time employee. You can read the full press release right here.

I will provide more details to members in the near future, but for now you should know that TFF will continue to run as normal until August 1. All current memberships will stay active until that date. For those of you with a current membership that runs past 8/1, we will contact you individually and will likely offer either a partial refund, or the option to transfer your subscription over to Labs.

FanDuel Golf Updates

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Posted: Mar 21, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

FanDuel golf is now live and we've just rolled out some huge upgrades to our premium golf product here at TFF.

The Lineup Generator can now generate lineups in the FanDuel format (4 golfers for Rds 1 and 2, 4 golfers for Rds 3 and 4). You can create up to 150 lineups at once with the generator, and can choose to sort your golfers so the more expensive players are in the 3/4 slots. You can also use the manual builder to create lineups manually, or edit the generated lineups before exporting your CSV file.

The second big update involves the Entries Manager. FanDuel has FINALLY added a CSV Edit function to their "Upcoming Entries" screen, and we've updated our tools to take advantage of this new functionality. Just download your entries file from FanDuel and load it into the TFF Entries Manager to check your exposure and make any necessary edits. You can even use the Mass Export Tool to overwrite all entries in a specific contest with new lineups.

Premium members have access to these tools right now for the Puerto Rico Open. We'll have a full tutorial with screenshots posted in the Strategy Center later today. 

Error uploading Entries file at DraftKings

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Posted: Mar 14, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko


When uploading your revised Entries file from TFF on the Edit Entries page at DraftKings, you may encounter an error message like this:


This error can sometimes occur when uploading an entry that was built at TFF to a reserved entry on DK. It does not happen all the time, and has been fixed in the past, but does tend to reoccur every now and then.


The easiest way to fix this problem is as follows:

1. Create a dummy lineup on the DK Create Lineups page.

2. Export that lineup to all reserved entries.

3. Return to the Edit Entries page and attempt to upload the entries file from TFF again.

That should solve the problem - if not please use the contact us page to let us know.

FanDuel Scoring (Golf)

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Posted: Mar 06, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

We're still not quite sure when, but FanDuel will soon be opening up PGA contests to all users. In preparation for that, we've gone ahead and applied the FanDuel scoring system to every golf event in our database, including Euro and Web events. The FanDuel setup is very different than what we're used to - you'll be required to select one set of golfers for the first two rounds, and a different set of golfers for the final two rounds. Because of this, we've broken down the scoring archives into Total, H1 and H2 scores.

And yes, we've also calculated FDPG for all events, broken down into Total, H1 and H2 results. FDPG stands for FanDuel Points Gained, and shows how the player performed against the field average. (Exactly the same as our innovative DKPG stats)

You can find these FDPG stats in several places across the site:

1. Key Stats on the Weekly Cheatsheet - select from FDPG-ALL, FDPG-H1 and FDPG-H2.

2. "FanDuel Scoring" view on the Weekly Cheatsheet.

3. Fantasy tab on the Player Detail page - you can now choose DraftKings or FanDuel.


4. Player stats page - the raw data.

Having access to this data should give TFF users a huge edge on the field once the new contests are finally rolled out to the public. Until that time, we can dig through the data and start to build a strategy on the optimal way to construct a FanDuel lineup. Good luck! 

NASCAR 2017 is live!

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Tags: NAS, DraftKings, Cheatsheet, Lineup Generator, Entries Manager, Ownership, Premium Access

Posted: Feb 15, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

 Welcome race fans!

We've got our first race of the season this weekend and TFF is ready to roll. Our NASCAR tools have all seen significant upgrades and we're excited to get the new season underway.

These updates include:

  • Weekly cheatsheet overhaul - better color coding, salary filters, target filters, and additional views that include recent DraftKings salaries and ownership results.
  • Stat Models - just like with our GOLF tools, you can now save multiple stat models each week and quickly compare results.
  • New Driver Search page - search for any driver in our database and you'll get all data we have, including DraftKings points scored, salaries and ownership results. You can also use this page to save custom driver notes that will automatically show up on the Weekly Cheatsheet any time that driver is in the field.
  • Lineup generator updated to allow named lineups.
  • Mass Export Tool is now available within the Entries Manager (override all entries in a contest in seconds)
  • Ownership summary has been updated with better color coding, custom display options, and the ability to view your own exposure and values right on the grid.

In addition to these updates, we are extremely excited to bring in Chris Durell, aka @jager_bombs9, as our official NASCAR expert this season. Chris will be posting his Expert Stat Model for every race, and you'll be able to see exactly which drivers he is targeting. These expert models have proven to be an invaluable resource for our GOLF subscribers, and we expect NASCAR to be no different.

All of these new features are described in the demo video below. Check it out and if you like what you see, head over to the Go Premium page to sign up. All tools for this weekend's Clash at Daytona are available right now!


The Player Profile Builder

Category: Site Updates
Tags: Premium Access, GOLF, PGA, EURO, DraftKings

Posted: Feb 14, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

Today we are extremely excited to announce several site upgrades, including the brand new Player Profile Builder - hands down the most powerful and exciting upgrade we've ever rolled out. Available to premium GOLF subscribers, the Profile Builder gives you the power to leverage our entire database of results and stats to find specific subsets of players to target each week. You even get to choose an emoji to represent each rule on the weekly cheatsheet to make spotting these players easier (and funner) than ever.

Start by importing one of the default profile rules, or by creating your own using any combination of Events Played, Recent Form, Course History, or Stats that you choose:

All players matching that rule will be displayed. If you like the results, activate the rule:

All active rules will be displayed, including how many conditions and players match each rule.

Now just head back to the Weekly Cheatsheet and check out the results!

The Profile Builder holds a ton of power and flexbility - these screenshots are just scratching the surface. Get in there and start experimenting, we'd love to hear your feedback on what you're able to do with the new tool.

But wait...there's more!

We also just rolled out some fancy new upgrades to the Ownership Summary page. You can now customize your display by using the checkbox to the right of each contest, the grid is now color coded for easier viewing, and you can even add in your own contest exposure to the grid if you used the Entries Manager that week. We also made some changes to the backend that should allow the summary page to be populated must faster, likely within a few minutes after lock. Check back this Thursday to see these updates in action....or check out the screenshot and video below.

Check out a demo of these new features, plus the recently released Stack Seeker below:


New Ownership Feature - The Stack Seeker

Category: Site Updates
Tags: GOLF, PGA, EURO, DraftKings, Ownership

Posted: Feb 06, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

The best ownership tools in the industry just got even better. Announcing the brand new Stack Seeker!

For each of the contests we track, you can now select a custom list of players to see how many lineups contain that exact combination of players. We'll also show you the cut breakdown for these lineups, and we'll even display the exact lineups if you narrow down the results far enough.

The player selection process is simple:

And here's an example of the results, using the $33 Dogleg from last week's Waste Management Open:

We also made a few tweaks to the Ownership Summary page. You can now uncheck any of the contests to remove them from the grid below, which allows you to customize your display and see the average ownership across the contests you choose.


While the Ownership Summary page remains free for all users, the new Stack Seeker is available to premium members only. Not a member? Start your free trial or upgrade to a premium membership today!

Entries Manager Overview / Mass Export tool

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Tags: GOLF, PGA, EURO, Entries Manager, Lineup Generator, Premium Access

Posted: Jan 09, 2017 | By: Ryan Patsko

The Entries Manager has a brand new feature available starting this week - the mass export tool. This tool lets you quickly override all lineups in a specific contest with new lineups that were built by the generator. This is a powerful feature to have available for any late lineup changes you may need to make. Get an overview of the entire process in the video below:

GOLF 2017 has been released!

Category: Site Updates
Tags: GOLF, PGA, EURO, Cheatsheet, Lineup Generator, Premium Access

Posted: Dec 18, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

2016 was an absolutely incredible year for TFF. The GOLF product went live back in January and in just one season has grown into an essential resource for anyone looking to improve and streamline their DFS research process. Throughout the year, we received tons of great feedback from many of you, and tried to incorporate as many of those suggestions as possible. Some of those suggestions were installed right away, and others were saved for future consideration. Well folks, the future is now.

Today marks the release of our new GOLF tools for 2017, the largest single update in this site's history.

The full list of updates is below, and I hope you're as excited as I am to get back to the grind and start making use of these tools. I want to again thank all of the members for their feedback and suggestions throughout the year. Quite simply, TFF would not be where it is today without all of you.

Without further ado, the updates...

  • Stat Models - You can now save and compare multiple stat models for each tournament. This was by far the most requested feature last year. Each week, you'll start with the "Standard Model" set up by TFF, but you'll now have the ability to create and save as many additional models as you want. Maybe you prefer separate models for cash games vs. gpps, or maybe you want to see how a "Bomber's Model" with extra weight on Driving Distance will affect your rankings. You now have the power to do this, and it only takes a few seconds of setup each week.
  • Expert Models - along with the stat models described above, we will also have several expert models available for you to view each week. These models can also be imported to your own list of models, and then edited as you see fit. A great way to learn different strategies that can be used with the tools here. (more info on the experts later today)
  • New Cheatsheet views - the Weekly Cheatsheet still has the primary view that you are used to, but there are now several additional reports that allow you to drill down into the weeds and learn more about each golfer in the field. These new views are described below:
    1. Key Stats Breakdown - for each of the key stats that you selected on your stat model, this view will show the current year's rank along with their rounds played on the year, plus their year-end rank for the past 4 years.
    2. Recent Form Breakdown - a detailed view of the player's recent form, including color coded strokes-gained values for each round.
    3. Course History Breakdown - a detailed view of the player's course history, based on the history that you have selected in your stat model.
    4. Course History Lead-In Performance - I have a feeling this one will be popular. The Lead-In Performance view will show you the 6 weeks leading in to each event that you have selected in the course history section. A valuable tool to help you learn how a player was performing before their finish in one of the selected events.
    5. DraftKings Scoring/Ownership - DK points scored and ownership results for each player in the field over the past 8 weeks. These results will include data from any of the 3 tours that we cover. (PGA, Euro, web)
    6. Stat Models Summary - if you have created multiple stat models, you can use this page to quickly view the rankings for each player in all models. You can also quickly see their high, low and average ranks based on all models.
  • Edit player exposure directly on the cheatsheet - yes, you can now edit your lineup exposure for each player directly on the cheatsheet! Another very popular request that should be a huge time saver.
  • New Cheatsheet filters - you can now filter your cheatsheet based on a salary range, or based on your targets. This feature can also be used as a player comparison tool.
  • Smarter/improved color coding - everybody loves conditional formatting right? Several sections of the cheatsheet (key stats, recent form, etc.) are now color coded with a full heat map to help differentiate the rankings. The recent form and course history sections also have "smarter" color coding applied, which means they take into account the field size and will highlight each result accordingly. 
  • Player detail page redesigned - the player detail page is now organized into a tabbed system with filters that really cleans up the page and makes it much more valuable.
  • Custom player notes - one of the tabs on the new player detail page allows you to type in a custom note for that player. This note will be automatically displayed on the Weekly Cheatsheet any time that player is in the field. Use this note to track injuries, reminders for later in the season, or whatever you choose.
  • Cheatsheet is now fully dynamic - those of you who used the site in 2016 will surely remember the "Generate New Cheatsheet" button that was needed to pull in data updates like tee times or ownership projections. This button is now gone, and the cheatsheet will always have the most recent information displayed.
  • Lineups can now be named - another very popular request.
  • Tee times filter - for those tournaments where weather plays a factor, you can now generate lineups for specific tee groups, which allows you to build AM-only or PM-only lineups in seconds.
  • New European Tour stats - if you play the Euro slates, you know that statistical data is nearly impossible to find. We have now calculated several additional scoring categories that give TFF users a huge edge over the field. These stats are: Par 3 Scoring, Par 4 Scoring, Par 5 Scoring, Birdie or Better % and Bogey Avoidance. (these stats have been calculated from 2010-present)
  • New DKPG stats - ok I'm cheating here, this one was released at the end of October, but it was originally planned as part of this upgrade so I'm including it. You won't find these DKPG stats anywhere else on the Internet. Read more here.

More Updates (12/30/16)

  • New Stats Setting - when creating a model, you can now choose to use either the current season rank (2016-17), or the previous season rank (2015-16). This gives you more control over the player rankings and also should make the stats section a little clearer. The default setting for now is to use the 15-16 ranks until we have a larger sample size for this season.
  • New stats - just like the Euro stats mentioned above, we now have calculated P3, P4, P5, BB% and BA for the past two years of events. These ranks may be displayed for the recent web grads who don't have enough rounds to qualify for a PGA ranking. 

These tools are all available right now for the Tournament of Champions that starts next week. We have several new membership options available, including PGA/EURO combo packages. Check out the Go Premium page now, and please let us know what you think of the upgrades. Good luck this season!

Check out the video below for an overview of all new features:


Custom DKPG GOLF stats now available!

Category: Site Updates
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Posted: Oct 31, 2016 | By: Ryan Patsko

If you have used any of the golf tools found here on the site, you have probably noticed a column labeled DKPG, or DraftKings Points Gained. This is a custom TFF statistic that measures each player's performance for that tournament based on their fantasy points scored relative to the field average. It is calculated just like any of the common Strokes Gained statistics that you are familiar with.

When we research a slate for DFS, we judge a player's recent performance and their course history based on their score relative to par, which tells us where they placed in the tournament. What we should really care about though is how many fantasy points they scored, and that's what DKPG shows. We've now created several new key stats that allow us to leverage this powerful data directly on the cheatsheet each week.

The new key stats available are:

  • DKPG-ALL (All Events)
  • DKPG-72 (Par 72 Events)
  • DKPG-71 (Par 71 Events)
  • DKPG-70 (Par 70 Events)
  • DKPG-SF (Strong Field Events)
  • DKPG-AF (Average Field Events)
  • DKPG-WF (Weak Field Events)
  • DKPG-NC (No Cut Events)

These stats have all been calculated for the following years and tours:

  • PGA: 2006-present
  • EURO: 2010-present
  • 2015-present

These stats can be selected on the Custom Settings page each week, and are available to use now. Please note that some of them may not always be available for Euro events. We have a 12 round minimum built in to the calculation, so until that threshold is met by at least one player it will not be available. (For example most Euro events are "Weak Field" events, so the "Strong Field" stat will probably never be available.)

For a visual aid, here's RahmGOAT and his DKPG-ALL breakdown:


You'll notice 4 of the grads in the current top 10 - they just barely hit the minimum for rounds played and are off to hot starts on the year. The DKPG statistics are calculated for the 2016 calendar year, not the actual FedexCup Season, so we'll have a clean slate starting in January.

I'm pumped to start using these stats each week, I added a few to the OHL cheatsheet and the DKPG-ALL stat would have led to some really nice plays. Check it out when you get a chance, and stay tuned for several more awesome upgrades in the coming weeks!



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