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A brief history of The Fantasy Fanatics...

Though most of the tools you'll find here are relatively new, I actually started TFF over 10 years ago. The idea came to me on a drive home from Penn State - I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life but I knew I was interested in two things: making websites and fantasy sports. Once I came up with a URL I started my new hobby and at first, the site was garbage. I knew nothing about web design...but at least I posted some excellent polls like this one:


See? TFF really is that old. Sorry I don't recall who won the poll. Or if it even got any votes.

I kept at it though and eventually the site grew to literally dozens of hits of a day. Most of which were from spam bots, but hey, traffic.

Years later I discovered DFS, and everything changed.

I've played season long fantasy sports my entire life, even running a fantasy baseball league with pen and paper in 6th grade, so the idea of playing daily immediately grabbed my attention. I started out with some small NHL 50/50s and was intrigued but knew I needed to put a process in place if I was going to do this consistently. I started building out spreadsheets and updated statistics every day to come up with my rosters. The more I played the more hooked I became, and I also realized I could save myself a ton of time by building my spreadsheets into automated web tools. It was time to turn TFF into my own customized daily research site.

After learning NHL, I moved onto NFL, and then eventually found PGA. With each sport, more and more tools were created and the site continued to grow. I now find TFF to be an integral part of my daily research routine, and it's my goal to continue providing innovative, powerful tools to help other grinders improve their games and find that edge we're all looking for.

If you have any comments or questions about the site, please feel free to get in touch with me via the Contact Us page.

Ryan Patsko

Founder, Lead Developer

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