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Fans Watch. Fanatics Win.

02/13/2014: Preliminary tiers for 2014 have been posted and will be constantly updated. Check out the Ultimate Draft Board and get a jump on next season!

Welcome to The Fantasy Fanatics! TFF offers free and easy to use fantasy football tools that help you gain an advantage in your league. You can check out our different applications below, divided into draft prep or offseason tools, and in-season tools.

TFF also offers a variety of contests throughout the year. Check out the Contests page for more information on hosting your own pool.

Draft Prep Tools

Dominate your draft with the TFF Ultimate Draft Board and Player Tiers. We base our rankings on leading expert lists, tweak them as we see fit, and then display them with SOS rankings to put all the information you need in one place.

  • Ultimate Draft Board

  • The perfect tool for in-person drafts! With the TFF Ultimate Draft Board, you can say goodbye to excel cheat sheets or printouts of your rankings to get you through your draft. Open up the UDB when your draft starts (iPad friendly!) and flag each player as they get drafted. Use the UDB to quickly view a player's bye week and get a quick glance at their SOS for the upcoming season to help decide between toss up players. You can also use the board all summer to mark guys as potential sleepers (targets) or duds (avoid).
  • Player Tiers / SOS Analyzer

  • Player tiers have been posted and will be updated throughout the summer.